County Seat Spirits

Grain to Glass Distilling in the Lehigh Valley

County Seat Spirits is a producer of fine spirits including whiskeys, gin, rum and vodka. County Seat Spirits prides itself on being a true "grain to glass" distillery - one which performs the entire process from milling raw grains on site, mashing, fermenting, distilling and aging. Come visit us in one of our two (2) locations:


Allentown (Distillery and Tasting Room)


New Craft Cocktail Bar and Tasting Room (Easton)

County Seat Spirits is very proud to be a true "grain to glass" distillery.  First and foremost, that means we are honest with our customers. If you are drinking a County Seat Spirits product you can be certain it was made by us at our site in Allentown. We don't buy bulk spirits that someone else made, slap a label on it, and pretend we "handcrafted" it. Our customers deserve better than marketing ploys and false advertising.

At County Seat Spirits , "grain to glass" means that we do every step ourselves. We craft our own recipes and choose the finest ingredients we can find. We mill our grains on site using a hammermill and transfer the grist into our mashing tank where we add freshly filtered water at the precise temperatures needed to convert the starches in the grains into a sugar suitable for fermentation. We then take that "mash" and transfer it into our traditional open top cypress fermentation tanks where the mash will ferment for anywhere from a few days to an entire week into a distiller's beer - not a beer you would want to drink but one that is packed with all the right flavors to be extracted in the distillation process.

Our distiller's beer is then distilled through our state of the art stills where we are able to precisely control the flavor profile for the specific spirit we are making. All of our products are distilled at least two times to ensure that we have extracted only the good flavors we want to preserve for drinking or aging. Our white spirits are diluted to the optimal proof with pure reverse osmosis water and then bottled in our Anchor Hocking bottles - manufactured in Monaca, Pennsylvania.

Our aged spirits are barreled at our site in Allentown and matured in wooden casks until the smoothness and flavor profile meets the standards of our distiller.

At County Seat Spirits, our grain to glass approach means just that - we carefully manage the entire process all the way from the grains we get from the farm to the spirit being poured into your glass - for a difference you can taste!