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about us


Founded in 2014, County Seat Spirits is an independently owned and operated craft distillery located in the county seat of Lehigh County, Allentown, PA. Anthony Brichta, a practicing attorney and Lehigh Valley native, and John Rowe, a retired pilot and air traffic controller, took their passion for the industry and turned it into great-tasting spirits. 

In 2019, County Seat Spirits expanded with a craft cocktail bar and tasting room in Easton, PA at the historic Simon Silk Mill. 

2 wooden County Seat Spirits barrels

A Commitment to Care and Authenticity 

County Seat Spirits Heirloom Corn Bourbon bottle on table

From creating recipes, sourcing local grains, fermenting, distilling, barreling, bottling, labeling, and sourcing the best spirits, County Seat Spirits takes great care to ensure each bottle is of the highest quality.  


Small batch and collaboration releases, plus tried-and-true spirits, make County Seat Spirits what it is today.  


Our range of spirits includes: Lock Keeper Gin, Hidden Copper Bourbon, Sand Island Rums, Class 8 Vodka, Zero G Gluten-Free Vodka, and a wide variety of specialty spirits. 


County Seat Spirits imparts these into every spirit and every curated cocktail. Take a seat, have a sip, and enjoy!

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